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We add value to the Tropical Flora of the Colombian Pacific

PALMITROPICALES has a long-standing experience of 15 years growing and exporting products of Colombia flora with origin in the Pacific Region.   

 We grow a wide variety of exotic tropical flowers and foliage. Among the flowers we have Heliconias, and Gingers mainly. Among the foliage we offer a wide range of Araceaes, Philodendron, Palmas, Dracaenas, and Crotos. We serve the local and national market, as well as clients in Europe, the United States and Canada.

The crop is located in the rural area of Palmira, the second largest city in Valle del Cauca, in the Pacific region of Colombia, one of the fastest growing areas in Colombia, only fifteen minutes by car from the international airport of Cali and forty minutes by plane from the international cargo terminals of Bogotá or Medellín.


PALMITROPICALES  it is a point of reference for the rich biodiversity that characterizes Colombia. Colombia is a privileged country not only because of its location and geographic topography, The tropical flora for commercial purposes is cultivated in areas The heliconias 


Our product catalog includes heliconias, gingers and selected tropical foliage, offered in individual or mixed boxes, bouquets and table setting kits. Our objective is to add commercial value to biodiversity products, maintaining the principles of corporate social responsibility, while developing a profitable commercial activity.

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